Sometimes my work of art brings me with the time, with different glances like you, Elna.
I look at you and you tell me things, which ones…? I don’t know. I learn them with the time.

I have always thought that the art is for the people, it can’t only be enjoyed for a few. The art is lived outside the rooms, on the street. The sculpture takes up space, I always play with my pieces in the space depending on where I put them, the interpretation can be very different like the life itself. It is a project which Elna communicates with me, by the place where we go, the circumstances and with whom we meet on the path.

It is a project where the sculpture is tied with a real rope, this is the key of the whole structural framework. It is the one who asks and moves, and the most beautiful is what we can learn from there. It is a project in which the contact with her is done on a different scale, and each one gives us infinite possibilities. This project does not have an end like many glances there can be.

Our path

Our story comes from far away, I believe you have always been by my side.
I woke up very early in the morning and we started a journey that we shared, uncertain, but full of excitement and with a little of fear too.
A path among landscapes, people and us.

A thought
An excitement
A little bit of fear
The first step
Leaving the studio to walk around the world among people, rivers and mountains.
Willing to live, look who sees me and speak with sincere stillness.
Crossed glances, uncertain spaces and time because things happen between you and I.
It is you that looks at me when I am alone.
It is you who imagine me in these spaces.
It is you who contemplate in big photographs glances.
It is you who may know how I feel with these ropes.
It is you who know how to take them out.

Photographs: Raül Guillemón


Photographs: Marc Vila

Everything fades out when we flow with our light.


Video: Marc Vila

Like a universe reflected window light. You wait for me
You wait me

Between you, the space and who look you


We go out to different public spaces.
In order to create time spaces where things can happen,
but which ones? I don’t know them.
This is the goal
The most important is the experience
The interaction between you in each instant

Coming in to open up to my world.
Going out to open up to the world that there is outside.



Barcelona. Raval

Barcelona. Subway

Barcelona. Pier

Barcelona. Macba

Horses at Mataplana

Woman’s day

A collaboration with Escolàpies school and Women with “Empenta association”.

Your glances


Your images speak
We go to schools and social associations
Only tied, sat in a chair
They look at you, they imagine you, they feel you.

Every moment is unique.
Like every glance and every gesture.

Your words

Not only I put Elna on the table, but also I ask them to look at her
nd to write on a paper what they see or how they would feel.

They look at you and they write in which way they see you
what they feel and then who wishes can speak
Before finishing we take you out the ropes.

The experiences are infinites
Your words are important
are a gift for everyone, here you have them.

The others artists glances

Fine Art

A collaboration with Igualada photographic association with the purpose of photographic festival Fine Art. The action consisted of leaving the sculpture for a day to each artist with the idea they had to express themselves through a photograph.