I work on themes that are interesting to me: The person, the worries, the excitement, the feelings, the communication and everything that is among us.
I never finish a theme, I can always go back to it, like in life.

I make little sketches of drawings or sculptures, on some occasions I am the only one who understands them. I capture the idea quickly, so that, later on I can start the work of art. I try to look for rhythms, little details, movements, emotions and above all glances, that transport me to the personality of the character.

I need to connect with the sculpture (the character) that I want to create because the people that are looking at the work of art could connect.


By draws

I work with graphite and charcoal looking for rhythms, movements, subtleties, lines, sports and volume. I try to create a dialogue, enter the lines. The darkness and the lights of the rubber to create the shadow.


About sculpture:

I feel very comfortable with the mud because it gives me a lot of freshness, texture, colour and possibilities of movement, afterwards, I move on with bronze.

I also work the wood directly, leaving the texture and the stroke of the chainsaw. The stone is the material that excites me and engulfs me, even though I work I hardly use it. The process and the concept of this work is completely different, more unique and well defined.

To me, the material is everything because it teaches me to measure what I am working on, I let myself be carried away and also it answers me with what I need. It is like a dialogue, a mutual knowledge that helps me to connect to the pieces that come out.

Savall Professor 2019

The musician and his instrument are one itself inside the music. Apart from the similarity of the character, what interests me the most is to find this dialogue, this connection that the master has with his instrument which transports him by creating music.
I listen to his music and I try to feel it in order to be inside of it which he can feel when he plays music and I imagine that the sculpture keeps playing.

Savall seen by Riba

Montbui’s bull 2007

Playing with the fullness and emptiness, with the lines and volume with the figuration and geometry, I transform to a new bull a very identifying symbol of Montbui Village.
Through texture reminds us of the land, made by hand, the work. Through the cast iron it gives this kind of rusty skateboard that expresses the time and it gives a rustic air that comes together with what is traditional. I try to make the work of art closer.

Vilafranca del Penedès symposium 2005

Enjoying and fighting with the material, playing with the textures with the saw cut and giving an undefined shape to a boy that speaks with the mobile.

Calcinaia symposium 2003

Giving the tender with its quiet rhythms of a girl sitting shyly on the ground.

Coexistence – Atles Foundation

It is a project of social conscienciació alongside with ATLES foundation.
Two girls with different procedència that they meet on the street, they want to connect, but they are a bit shy.
There is a space that needs to be connected, just by adding someone in the middle holding both hands, the connection can be created. On the ground there is a sentence that mentions: The key of coexistence is you.

What is inside the drawing

When I draw, things happen. Instead, closing the drawings at certain times, we don’t let things happen. In making the whole process, the action of drawing, at the end, what is left, is not only the last line, but a set of lines and erasures, like in life itself. We are made of continuous moments non repeatable, like in a draw

Walls, a decorating project – The Monegal

Walls that I push, you push that separate and I move away, walls.

Facades and rooms decorated – Andode and Gutten Etiopia 2012

It is an experience, a learning, a rhythm game, colours, smiles, humanity and working alongside.